After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts
After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts

Newington After School Program, Now Available!

Newington's Revolutionary Martial Arts After School Program. Action-Packed KICKS-Afternoon's, Train, Study & Play. With Passionate Instructors Who Care!

“Such a relief.” While you’re working hard, we’ll take care of your little one after school. Our after-school program  Learn Martial arts, enthusiastic instructors, group games & activities, and quiet time to focus. #1 in Silverwater. 

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Passionate Instructors & Teachers Who Care

Parents are always blown away by our amazing staff. They’re focused, enthusiastic, and passionate about helping kids grow. 

Your child is the most important thing in your life. We take that seriously, and that’s why our after-school staff members here in Newington. 

Then Majority of Our Instructors & Teachers attended the After School Program From Newington Public School!

After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts
After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts

Social & Safe. Even Shy Kids Open Up.

School can be an intimidating place for some kids. It’s sort of “every child for themselves.” 

Not here. We’ve worked hard to create an after-school program where kids from all over Silverwater thrive. Group games & activities get kids opening up, having fun, and loving life. 

And our staff are positive influences teaching kids kindness, respect, and focus.

Action-Packed Fun, Mixed With Focused Quiet Time.

Half the time your child is here, they’ll be having tons of fun. Action-packed activities get their extra energy out and keep them smiling. 

And then we set aside quiet focus time, too. After kids get that extra energy out – focusing is so much easier. 

That’s why parents and kids from all over Silverwater love this after-school program.

After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts

Newington's Revolutionary Martial Arts After School Program.

What A KICKS Afternoon 
Looks Like!

Pick Up

Students In Years 1 to 6 make there way to the designated meeting spot at NPS & WWP whilst Kindergarten Students are collected from their classroom by a Staff Member. Then Students are marked off & loaded on to our KICKS buses and Transported to our Center!

Healthy Snack

Upon Arrival at our Center all Student are feed a healthy Snack & Encouraged to have a big drink of water before the afternoon Begins!

After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts


All Students complete there Kenpo 5.0 Kids Martial Arts Class, Run by Experienced Instructors. On our 5cm Matted & Air Conditioned Training Space to Ensure student safety and Wellbeing.


Students bring there school homework to KICKS and during the afternoon they complete there homework with the assistance of our Tutors, We also offer Complementary Extra tutoring to student in our After School Program Which are intrested!

After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts


Then Students Get the Chance to involve themselves with our Leadership and Skills Development Lesson of the week, Following this we have our recreation time where student can play games and do art with one another!

The Core Values Guiding 
KICKS After-School Program

Afterschool Care Program Wisdom Value


All children are asked to complete their homework straight after school in a classroom environment free of distraction like TV, Music, Video Games, etc.  We encourage this routine of good study habits before starting their Martial Arts training.

Afterschool Care Program Value Strength


Children do an hour of Structured Martial Arts (Kenpo Fundamentals) which is a complete system where each child is rewarded by our belt system, which is recognised in 21 countries around the world.  Learning a Martial Art after school not only helps their physical development but also boosts their confidence and teaches leadership skills.

After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts


After children have completed their study & martial arts class they are then rewarded with structured free time where we have dedicated stations promoting interactive team building games and arts & crafts.  This gives them time to be social with friends after school. We have found to get the most out of the program both mentally and physically that a minimum 2 days a week is a good balance… 3 days a week is optimal.

Join Sydney's #1, After-School Program in Newington.

After School Program | KICKS Martial Arts

KICKS is a Confidence Boosting Powerhouse...

The KICKS After School Program will help boost your child’s mental, physical and social development.The following bullet points give you an idea of the basics but what we really do that’s makes us unique is hard to describe in a few brief sentences. It’s best if you can come in and meet us, see our center, meet our team and see for yourself.

- Testimonials From Our Parents -

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about the KICKS After School Program!

The Kicks After School program ensures they develop a strong study routine and their Martial Arts training will boost their physical development and self confidence. We suggest a minimum of 2 days per week, more days per week is highly recommended.

No, we are not an OSCH and we do not receive any Govt Childcare/OSCH rebates on our fees although we do Accept the Creative and Active Kids Vouchers. This is because we are a full time Martial Arts Training Center with an After School Program.

Children can be collected from KICKS HQ-Newington after there Martial Arts class which depends on their Level and Age. Although all student need to be collected Before 6:15pm each night.

We have 2 fee options for KICKS After School Program a Dual Membership & Day Rate Membership. Our Dual Membership Includes Operate Martial arts and After-School Allowing Martial Arts Training Year Round and a more inexpensive After-School Rate. The Day Rate is Double the Dual Membership and Only active During Term Time Limiting Martial Arts Progression.

Best After-School Program in Silverwater. Action-Packed Fun + Quiet Focus Time. With Passionate Instructors Who Care.