Kenpo is a world leader in innovative and practical methods of self defense
Jeff Speakman Kenpo Australia

Quick to learn, quick to forget; Slow to learn, slow to forget.


Kicks After School Program

Self defense, discipline, self respect and respect for others are just some of the valuable skills we teach within our active and educational learning environment at Kicks after school program in Sydney. We aim to help your child achieve their best while relieving to relieve you of some of the demands and pressure of work and family life!

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Sunnybank Martial Arts

At our school we teach to a curriculum where kids learn at their own pace. We do not give out rank. Rank is earned at our school. Students at our school have to show good character as well as physical attributes. They are rewarded for good deeds and good school results. They cannot progress through belt levels until they achieve this. Come along and try a free class!

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Achieve Martial Arts

This is an opportunity for kids to be able to be part of our schools Kenpo program instead of attending those other facilities. We can not offer a government rebate...what we can offer is the best Martial Arts program around on a daily basis for your child, at a rate that will in most instances, compete with what you are or would be paying for a regular after school care option.

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